Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Al Bunde: 'Ambassador of Beer'

Our pal Al Bunde, (apparently formerly) of the (apparently defunct) Riverwest Accordion Club, makes the St. Patty's Day report in the West Bend Daily News:
"People were also smiling at Al Bunde, brewmaster at Riverside Brewery and Restaurant in West Bend, as he trudged up the hill with his accordion on his back and a hogshead of beer at his side. 'The cops wouldn’t let me in,' said Bunde, who had parked north of the parade route and had to hike uphill.

What the police couldn’t know is that Bunde was a member of the now-defunct Riverwest Accordion Club and was dubbed 'The Ambassador of Beer.' Wouldn’t he have political immunity or something?"
Al was bending our ears pretty good about his exciting work at the new brewery/restaurant in West Bend last time we played Milwaukee's fabulous Shank Hall. Riverside Brewery is on the must-visit list next time we're in Wisconsin.

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