Monday, March 19, 2007

Anderson Valley's Beer-Cap Laffs

In a nod to a more whimsical and amusing brewing past, Anderson Valley Brewing Company puts little sayings and rebuses on the backs of at least some of its bottle caps. I love the practice, which makes popping a top a little more magical.

The little circular print jobs are called "crown ticklers," according to a cool website that shows the answers to hundreds of bubbly puzzles that have appeared on caps for Ranier, Lucky and the like over the years.

I'm glad to see that Anderson Valley -- possibly the world's finest brewery -- is continuing the tradition, although most of AVBC's crown ticklers are goofy slogans ("Honest, Officer, that's hops you smell!") or Boontling riffs that might seem baffling if you're not hip to the weird (and almost dead) regional dialect that sprang up in Anderson Valley in the 1800s. They do throw in some rebuses, though, just to shark a kimmie for a hoot.

Finally, if you're anywhere near California in May (and you like beer), you should make your way to Anderson Valley for the 11th annual Boonville Beer Fest. Best beer fest in the land. Bahl Hornin'!



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