Friday, March 16, 2007

KTU: Have Accordion, Will 'Yoik'

Stuard Derdeyn's South by Southwest notes from March 15 conclude with a paragraph that raises all kinds of questions in my pre-coffee brain this morning. Here's Derdeyn's intriguing entry (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page on The Vancouver Sun's site):
"What happens when the rhythm section of King Crimson teams up with Helsinki, Finland's Jimi Hendrix of the accordion? KTU, the trio of Kimmo Pohjonen, Warr-guitarist Trey Gunn and Marble Falls, Texas, drummer Pat Mastelotto. The avant-folk/jazz/rock hybrid act wove layer upon layer of complex grooves on top of wildman Pohjonen's electronically processed yoiking (throat-singing) and looked great doing it. If you can picture a guy in a silver and black silk samurai outfit and biker boots dancing around with an accordion, that is."
"Yoiking?" "Finland's Jimi Hendrix of the accordion?" Time to investigate. Wonder if Southwest Airlines has any cheapie flights to Austin ...



Blogger Happy Steve said...

Not related, but check it out... you guys made it in the sequel

12:26 PM  
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