Saturday, October 28, 2006

I Vant to Flunk Your Test!

San Francisco State University prof Sara Hackenberg teaches the class, and the San Francisco Chronicle's best writer, Steve Rubenstein, captures the scene of the apparently horrific midterm exam.

There's sex and violence -- "Vampires," Hackenberg says, "are all about sex and food and the penetration of bodies" -- and, of course, the mandatory social spin: "Dracula is the uber aristocrat, a member of the ruling class feeding off peasants," Hackenberg says. "Marx said aristocrats are vampires, sucking the blood of everyone around them."

Happy Halloween season!


Blogger tg said...

"It's important for vampire scholars to get their terminology correct, experts say. For example, Count Dracula is known as a serial vampire, sucking the blood of lots of people. This is not the same as Count Chocula, who is a cereal vampire."

Is knowing that supposed to ease my (apparently) seasonal homophonobia?

6:19 PM  
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