Friday, October 27, 2006

Is the CD Really Dead?

That's what EMI bigwig Alain Levy says, adding that "value-added" material included with discs is the only way to keep physical media alive.

So, will you buy your next TDA recording on a CD? Or from iTunes or some other digital service? And what extras would entice you to plunk down cash for a CD? Conniving minds want to know ...


Blogger It's Not Art said...

I'd buy new TDA music on iTunes for sure, but I would also hope for occasional singles that way too. A friend and I was just talking about what to do with the booklet when you put your CD's onto your MP3 player, or the discs into a binder. We both agreed that some artwork in the booklet needs to be kept, but some booklets are really dry and can be tossed. My vote: CD with cool artwork and bonus features!

5:37 PM  
Anonymous markm said...

Just crack the whip over Paul to get the next album out!

It makes little difference to me how the tracks are delivered - they're going to wind up on the mp3 play anyway. So I'd say to produce an album in whichever way is most profitable, or most fun, for you.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Why does the cdrom media matter? We like the complete TDA package - the music, the shows, the band members, the blog! It still is an 'album,' a collection of items. I also like having the physical cdrom media without the extras.

6:17 AM  
Blogger triumphantly, jenny said...

i would never buy music from itunes, since you don't really have the rights to the music/to move the music. i have a lot of computers, and a few ipods, and often my drives die, but if they do, apple won't give me my music back. that's bs! it will also let you burn it ony five tims or so. i make mixes all the time, often for myself, and so that would be prohibitive. with smaller bands, like yourselves, i have made mixes including your songs, and given them to my friends. because of this they have bought albums, or come to see you. i think that's fair use, but apple doesn't.

the optimal system, for me, would be say i pay 15 dollars, and the album will always be hosted on a website, and i can download it whenever....still though, i like having the disc.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Bill In Milwaukee said...

I've put those "CD's" on my turntable and they make an awful sound. Messed up my neddle also.

Still waiting for the Lawnball LP to come out.

*Bill In Milwaukee

2:55 PM  
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