Saturday, October 21, 2006

Thank You 142 Throckmorton Theatre and Good Night!

What a great crowd last night at Mill Valley's "hub for public live arts." Possibly the best "beer, beer, beer!" audience shout-out in TDA history! (Bring it on, Milwaukee.) Thanks to everybody who came out to the show, and to Lucy and the whole Throck crew for taking such good care of us.

P.S. And look who's playing there tonight: The Fabulous Rhythm and Roll Dance Party. Go get 'em, Audie!


Anonymous Lame Sister said...

Well- being the dumbshit that I am...I missed the show because I was convinced it was next week.Wouldn't you know it was one of your best! Would it have killed me to double check your website after all the effort you go to do one? I'm glad the local crowd treated you well- maybe you'll come play here more often instead of places like Wisconsin- although the cheeseheads do have a certain charm about them...

Signed- Lame Sister

5:38 PM  
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