Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Squeeze Machine!

The new Those Darn Accordions CD hit store shelves today. You can get it at your local record store (make them special order it if necessary), on iTunes or from the TDA Store.

The fan reviews are rolling in -- get your copy quick so you can give us your two cents! And be sure to check the Wall of Wheeze this week for Paul's "Squeeze Machine secrets," a series of posts outlining just what, exactly, he was thinking when he penned songs like "Mr. Saggy Butt" and "Larry's Wonderful Life." (The first one, about "This Song," is already live.)

Pass the champagne, would you dear?

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Blogger Rick said...

I think this probably your finest cd to date with the various styles of music and the use of other instruments.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous the daughter said...

I created the album name. you owe me MONEY.///you rule dadio keep on rockin forever and ever.

9:14 AM  

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