Saturday, August 18, 2007

Money Quote: TDA Boasts Boomer Appeal

From a little blurb about our show in Monroe, Wis., in Madison's Isthmus: "Seasoned with low-key humor, Baby Boomers and other free-thinkers will find this group especially appealing."

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Blogger Turner Hall of Monroe said...

I guess I would have to agree with that, being a Boomer myself, and judging from the crowd in Monroe. According to many sources, 1946 - 1964 constitutes the Baby Boomer years (which puts me smack-dab in the middle at 1955), currently making the oldest Boomers 61 and the youngest 43. Although there was gray hair in the Monroe audience, a good share of that gray hair was on not only the women of that generation, but the bearded and still pony-tailed men as well. I don't know if the Boomer generation is one of TDA's target audiences or not (or if TDA even has a target audience), but TDA most certainly does have a following in that age bracket. Last night's Boomers were not only from the Monroe area, but also came from sometimes considerable distances from Galena, Dixon, Freeport and Rockford (in Illinois), Madison, Fond du Lac and Milwaukee (in Wisconsin), and even one Boomer couple all the way from Minneapolis...all because they are such big fans of TDA's! So TDA, thanks for the great show in our humble little Midwestern (and Swiss) town, and all the best from all of us at the Turner Hall of Monroe! --Deb

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