Wednesday, August 22, 2007

All Hail Midwestern Weather!

Leah Garchik, the San Francisco Chronicle's must-read daily columnist, ran an item (scroll down) describing our glimpse of Mother Nature's power while on tour last week. (Get the extended version of the hailstorm horror story on the Wall of Wheeze.) Thanks, Leah!

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Anonymous Bill In Milwaukee said...

That was just the opening salvo to a really terrible week of wet weather in Western Wisconsin, Southeastern Minnesota and Iowa.

Worst flooding in several generations, by many accounts. Lots of destroyed homes, bridges, roadways, crops and a number of flood related fatalities.

I got hammered by heavy rans on my way back to Milwaukee following the Chicago show. No fist sized hail, fortunetly, but some badly taxed wiper blades on the old land cruiser.

Sadly, there's still more rain forcasted for the rest of this week. Send dry weather!

*Bill In Milwaukee

1:58 PM  

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