Monday, May 14, 2007

Another Take on "My Friend Jim"

Jeff Davis whipped out his gee-tar and played a cool country version of "My Friend Jim" Saturday night for me outside the Last Laugh Coffee House. He says he's been slaying the Shanghai crowds with his acoustic rendition of the TDA classic about a boozin' loser "who's never gonna get it together" (maybe you've seen the original video).

The song really works as a kind of country weeper. Jeff tweaks the song's structure slightly, but faithfully reproduces the lyrics. They really shine in the stark arrangement. And, like a lot of the best country songs, they're great because they're basically 100 percent real.

Jeff's impromptu solo sidewalk show followed a couple smokin' sets by the Snake Oil Boys at Bill's birthday party. I'm sure most everybody's fully worked their way through the recovery process by now.



Anonymous Sean said...

Any chance of getting an MP3 on the website?

8:01 PM  

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