Monday, February 12, 2007

Columnist Calls for Accordion Ban

A strangely unnamed columnist (at least on the website for The Times Argus) takes an un-ex-squeezable stance in a piece attacking nanny-state legislation proposed by Vermont lawmakers.

While I can certainly agree with the writer's main point -- that a super-restrictive bill that would ban drivers from all manner of activities, including playing musical instruments, is just plain ridiculous -- one segment of the column is beyond the pale.

"Some instruments, such as the accordion, should be banned, period. You shouldn't be allowed to play an accordion anywhere, and the penalty for doing such should be harsh. At the risk of regressing here a bit, have you ever noticed that there are certain things, such as an accordion, that for some inexplicable reason bring out an angry response in people?"
Can you believe it? I thought the days of knee-jerk accordion bashing had gone the way of the wind. But I guess the ol' squeezebox is still the joke instrument of choice, at least for some folks.

Man would I love to watch the comment section of the unknown writer's column fill up with "pro-accordion and I vote" sentiments (with lots of links to the TDA site, of course).

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