Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bright Spot for Terrance Simien

Louisiana zydeco squeezer Terrance Simien will be featured in a TV ad for Sylvania Light Bulbs, according to The Daily Advertiser. It will first show up in three cities (including Milwaukee and Minneapolis) before going national, according to the publication.

Those Darn Accordions had the honor of sharing the stage with Simien and his band, The Zydeco Experience, at the Johnstown FolkFest last year. They sounded great and performed with such energy and enthusiasm that it's easy to see why the TV folks would want to feature him playing his button box.

The funny thing is, Simien's wife and manager had to pull some strings to get zydeco's other premier instrument added to the commercial.

"At first, they were just going to do the accordion," Cynthia Simien told the Advertiser. "But I had to insist they do the rubboard.


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