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Paul Rogers
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Photo: Jim Merithew


Born and Raised: Born in Detroit, Mich. and raised in Dearborn, Mich., home of The Ford Motor Co. and graduated Edsel Ford High School 1971

Instruments Played: Piano, Accordion, Saxophone, Guitar

Favorite TDA Song to Perform Live: "Them Hippies Was Right" What can be more fun than screaming feedback from an accordion through an amp cranked to 10? Besides, I'm starting to think maybe they were right.

Start With TDA: The bass player (Michael Lindner) in the alt country band I was in, Transistor Rodeo, told me about a group of musicians that got together once a month and did accordion raids on SF restaurants. Knowing how to play was not a prerequsite for membership. I was intrigued so I borrowed an accordion and went on a raid. I was hooked immediately and after a few more raids and local gigs, I was named the band leader by default. No one else wanted the job.

First Started Playing Music: I started banging on the piano making up tunes around 6th grade. Took lessons through high school and went to music school at Ohio Wesleyan Univ. Got a Bachelor of Music in 1975.

Other Bands (Past or Present): The Dinks, San Francisco,Calif.
Jimmy Knight and the Daze, San Francisco, Calif.
Transistor Rodeo, Calif.
Christmas Jug Band, Calif.
Night Hawk Blues Band, Ohio

Favorite Bands: Randy Newman, Tom Waits

Favorite Road Food: Anything that's really bad for you.

Other Hobbies and Interests: Building stuff.

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