Thursday, April 03, 2008

Alien Eggs Discovered in Northwest Pond

Jonny and I were checking to see if the goldfish made it through the winter in the little pond outside his clubhouse. We noticed a bunch of smaller, darker fish that have somehow made it into Lake Jonny. I saw a large stick in the middle of the pond and decided to fish it out with a net. When I pulled it out there were these giant marble like globules attached to it. Inside each little gushy marble is an egg or seed or something. Like a little eye looking up at you.

Jonny and I were stunned and a little creeped out. In fact, I honestly looked up over my head to see if maybe we were being monitored. We took this photo and then filled a bucket with pond water and placed the life forms in there. I don't think they are frog eggs. We have frog eggs in there every spring and they are much smaller and float along the surface. Could they be goldfish eggs? Does anyone out there know? We will watch closely over the next few days. I will also check the sky for any abrupt cloud formations and blinding light.
Stay tuned.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could it the be this guy?

*Bill in Milwaukee

7:50 PM  

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