Saturday, October 20, 2007

Heavy Metal + Parody = Priceless YouTube Humor

If you haven't witnessed the hilarious rock 'n' roll parodies created by YouTube prodigy StSanders, you're cheating yourself out of a free belly laugh. Earlier this week, Wired News ran an interview with the Finnish funnyman, who takes vintage heavy metal videos and overdubs crappy solos that are strangely convincing and remarkably funny.

Now he's unleashed another gem, "Iron Maiden shreds," this time targeting the veteran U.K. metal band's performance of "The Trooper." The climax of the video -- which features the appearance of Maiden mascot Eddie, set to a circus theme -- is, well, a monstrously funny moment.

Some of StSanders videos are surprisingly convincing -- the "Eddie Van Halen shreds" video had me scratching my head and despairing for the rocker's failing talents, at least until the "Iron Man" quote -- and some people fall for the parodies hook, line and sinker (just check the comments). But in the end, it's all in good fun.

P.S. My favorite StSanders creation is "Jake E. Lee shreds." The crazy Ozzy clapping, the vague haze of applause and Ozzy's under-enthusiastic wail about a minute into the clip ... truly inspired.



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