Friday, December 08, 2006

Strangest Cover of a Paul Rogers Song

No contest: That award goes to the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus cover of "Santa Lost a Ho" on its new CD, Favorite Things. Chicago Pride calls the ditty -- which I'm assuming is the song by that title penned by Those Darn Accordions songwriter in chief Paul Rogers -- "a little-known gem filled with delightful double entendres." For the record, that's how we think of it, too.

If you want the original recording to place under your Christmas tree, Hanukkah shrub or holiday abstainer's potted plant, bag it now at the Christmas Jug Band site. It's on the Uncorked CD, and you can't top it for Christmas merriment.

P.S. Strangest news source cited on the Wall of Wheeze: Chicago Pride, "the ultimate guide to gay Chicago," which has been "serving Boystown and Gay Chicago since 1995." Where the heck is Boystown?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google and Wikipedia come through again:

1:01 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

I'd kind of like to hear t. I wonder if they would send me a copy!?


8:06 PM  
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