Friday, August 04, 2006

Going cookie crazy from the heat

When life hands Sandi Fontaine lemons, she makes lemonade. Or, more specifically, when a heat wave hits, she makes chocolate chip cookies on her SUV's blazing-hot dashboard.

Fontaine turned her Toyota Rav4 into a rolling oven when the mercury surpassed 90, cranking the temperature inside her car to a blistering 200 degrees, according to the Union Leader.

Those familiar with the famous "new car smell" will appreciate a side effect of Fontaine's culinary exploits.

"When you open the door to that car," she says, "it's like, 'Oh my God.' It's a wonderful smell."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmm...dashboard cookies.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Bill In Milwaukee said...

Mmmmm, leathery!

7:28 AM  
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