Tuesday, May 30, 2006

'My Friend Jim' video hits YouTube

It took a bit of prodding by friend of TDA Bill Wiest, but now our homegrown video for the timeless loser classic "My Friend Jim" is available to see (and more importantly share) on YouTube.

A little background: We shot the crazy thing in Stevens Point, Wis., and San Francisco. We spent our shoestring budget almost entirely on pizza and beer. Playing the title role of Jim is Bret Hagen, who slings guitar and sings like a banshee with me in the Electric Boogie Dawgz. (It's a little scary how naturally he took to the play actin' involved in recreating the role of a natural-born bum, I must admit.)

Anyway, if you've never seen the video, feel free to give it a gander -- hope it gives you a chuckle or three. And please send it to all your friends and rate it (especially if you think it's OK or better). I hear all the kids are doing it.


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