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THOSE DARN ACCORDIONS! on the American Music Awards


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TDA! at the American Music Awards

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TDA! Live on the American Music Awards!

We did it! We must have rehearsed that four-minute medley 100 times to get ready for our moment of fame on the Americian Music Awards -- a live broadcast to a gazillion ABC viewers worldwide on January 26! We had the option to prerecord the medley and lip-synch it on TV the night of the broadcast, but we decided to live dangerously, as every "good" accordion player should, and play it live on the AMA. It made it way fun for us too! I kept looking down at Jewel in the front row, who had lip-synched the National Anthem the day before at the SuperBowl, and I just know she was staring at us in awe and thinking to herself, "Wow! I should have gone for it live like these guys!" Like my Uncle Bernie used to say, "Sometimes ya just gotta swing for the fences!"

Some of you have been asking questions about all of this, so let me take a minute to fill you in:

"How did TDA! get this great gig?"

AMA host Drew Carey had the idea of getting a bunch of accordionists to play a tribute to past American Music Awards "Song of the Year" winners. Drew was a fan of TDA!'s version of the "Perry Mason Theme," which was released on a Rhino Record's compilation CD called "Legends of the Accordion." (The song is also available on TDA!'s first release, "Vongole Fisarmonica.") Dick Clark Productions contacted me about Drew's idea.

I pitched the idea of TDA! doing a couple of cover tunes we already play, but they decided to send me a list of 20 songs and asked me to put together a four-minute instrumental medley. I narrowed the list down to 11 tunes that translated best to an accordionized version, hashed the list over with Drew, and went to work writing the arrangement.

"Where was Clyde?"

The day TDA! left for Los Angeles, Clyde got sick and had to spend a couple of days in the hospital. We kept in touch with him while in L.A., and Clyde's doing much better now. We all waved to him at the end of the number. Clyde asked me to let everyone know that he's looking forward to getting back on stage with TDA! His thoughts on the AMA: "Well, TDA! was great, but the rest of it, I didn't like much. You know, music has deteriorated a lot since my day. Nobody sings anymore. There's no damn melody!" Good to see Clyde is back in fine form! We love ya!

AMA observations ...

Drew Carey is a very down-to-earth, easygoing guy. We are, needless to say, eternally grateful to him for giving us a shot on national TV.

Dick Clark really does look great in the flesh! He was right there all the time, running the show. He was very nice to all the guests. We received an enormous gift basket (including a nice, handwritten thank you card from Mr. Clark himself) in our dressing room! I shook his hand at the party afterward and thanked him for having TDA! It was all very exciting and very Hollywood.

Patty, Bill and I got to hang a bit with two guys from the band Matchbox 20. They are very cool and not at all snooty about the tremendous success they are enjoying right now. Way to go, guys!

Janet Jackson looked fabulous in her rubber haltertop. Patty, Bill and I got a good look at her even though her posse pushed us out of the way when walked by.

I gave Michael Bolton's guitar tech a copy of "No Strings Attached" and told him to crank it up on the bus right after the opera sensation goes to sleep. What do you think about us having Mr. Bolton guest vocal on the next CD??? Just kidding!

Thanks to all of you who have sent your warm regards and messages of encouragement. We truly appreciate it!

Till next time ... keep squeezing!

- Paul, Those Darn Accordions!

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